Dr. Zhiwu (Drew) Wang’s Sustainable Environment Research Laboratory (SERL) is a Virginia Tech Lab located in the Greater Washington D.C. area.  The goal of SERL is to create new knowledge and apply it to solving the critical environmental problems facing the Washington D.C. area, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world. To this end, SERL is closely working with industrial partners to develop innovative technologies and prepare a quality workforce capable of solving real world problems by leveraging the valuable industrial resources that universities usually do not have close access to.

  Dr. Wang’s research focuses on the development of sustainable biotechnologies for the treatment of liquid and solid waste. His studies provide insight into engineered bioprocesses specifically designed for biological wastewater treatment and value-added bioproducts recovery, with the overarching goal of advancing the environmental engineering research and serving the technical needs of industry stakeholders. 

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Zhiwu (Drew) Wang

Ph.D., P.E. (CV) 

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil 
and Environmental Engineering

44961 Loudoun Water Way, Ashburn VA 20147

Phone: (571) 271-1757
Email: wzw@vt.edu