8/14/2020: Congratulate Dr. Yewei Sun on his new publication titled “Feast/famine ratio determined continuous flow aerobic granulation”


Abstract: Plug flow reactors (PFRs) made of multiple completely stirred tank reactors (CSTRs) in series were used to cultivate aerobic granules in real domestic wastewater. Theoretically, changing the number of CSTR chambers in series will change the nature of plug flow, and thus alter the pattern of the feast/famine condition and impact the aerobic granulation progress. Therefore, PFRs were operated in 4-, 6-, and 8-chamber mode under the same gravity selection pressure (a critical settling velocity of 9.75 m h−1) and hydraulic retention time (6.5 h) until steady states were reached to evaluate the effect of the feast/famine condition on continuous flow aerobic granulation. The sludge particle size, circularity, settleability, specific gravity, zone settling velocity, and extracellular polymeric substance contents were analyzed to evaluate the role that a feast/famine regime plays in aerobic granulation. It was found that aerobic granulation failed whenever the feast/famine ratio was greater than 0.5. The results support a conclusion that the feast/famine condition is likely a prerequisite for continuous flow aerobic granulation.